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Bar Remez

HR Manager at Nextage Ltd.


Hilla came to help with our recruitment needs, finding the right candidates and providing Professional services! quickly learning our company needs and providing the right candidates. it's been a pleasure working with her!!

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Gal Alkobi

Head of HR at Spacemesh


Hilla joined us in the effort of 5 immediate complex hires for the company. She quickly learned the company's profile, product, who we are what we do and what we are looking for- and was able to source specific profiles and conduct in-depth technical interviews to narrow down our search until all open positions were successfully filled. Not only is Hilla super professional in the work she does, she is also a great person and it has been such a pleasure to work together.

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Rami Kasterstein

Managing General Partner at Scale-Up Venture Capital


I am happy to recommend Hilla for her recruitment services. At SpaceMesh, we retained Hilla's services as a freelance recruiter in order to find us top candidates in a very short period of time. The outcome was a healthy stream of amazing candidates that quickly filled in the open positions. I really liked her methods of finding candidates from the social networks, while marketing our company and its core values as if she was an integral part of our team. Hilla acted professionally with high interviewing skills, and she was always available for consultation. I am certain that Hilla will bring added value wherever she go and will definitely use her services again.


Jonathan Shadmi

Senior Credit Risk Analyst at Colmobil Corp.


It was great working with Hilla. She makes you feel like she is your partner and you aren't just a client. Highly recommended for everything regarding Linkedin use specifically and job searching in general.

Liore Mezuman

HR & Business Strategies at USHOPS & USADDRESS


Hilla is amazing! Has the skills and humanity in helping and making order in the HR department. She has the skills to simplify recruiting requirements. She is a LinkedIn master. I had the pleasure learning from her. I recommend!


Chen Shafir

Strategic Alliances Manager at Intezer

הילה היקרה, הכרתי אותך במהלך תפקידי הקודם ואני רוצה להודות לך על התקופה הנפלאה בה נחשפתי למקצועיות, היחס הבין אישי והאינטילגנציה שלך אשר ניכרים מאד בעת העבודה איתך. ללא ספק למדתי ולומדת ממך הרבה. תודה על תובנות והמלצות שמלוות אותי בהמון החלטות מקצועיות בחיים.

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Helit Shay הלית שי

Founder at ABT איי בי טי מועדון צרכנות לנשים

Whoo....hooo...My profile is now working.... lots of customers calling! Thanks Hilla! You are the game changer 4 me!

Hila Friedman

HR Manager at Bynet

אני שמחה להמליץ על הילה היקרה! הילה עבדה איתי לפני כשנה וחצי בגיוס עובדים לחברתנו. לצד המורכבות הרבה בתפקיד, הילה ביצעה את עבודתה במקצועיות, דיוק, חריצות, אמינות ומסירות שסייעו רבות לאיכות התהליך וביצעה השמות מדוייקות ואיכותיות שמחזיקות לאורך זמן. מעבר ליכולת המקצועית, הילה בעלת אישיות מקסימה! יחסי אנוש מעולים ותודעת שירות לא פחות ממדהימה! נהניתי מאוד מהזמן בו עבדתי עימה והיא מהווה נכס בעל ערך יחודי ויקר לארגון ולסביבתו.

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