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Our Story

We are Hilla and Thomas.

We founded WPS Think Global. Act Human in 2014, bringing with us more than 35 years of combined experience.

It all started when Hilla headhunted Thomas, a newcomer from Belgium to Israel, and helped him find his next career challenge. As it turned out, while headhunting for candidates Hilla also found a father for her future children. Yes, she’s that great at multitasking!

WPS stands for World, People, Success. We live and breathe multiculturalism. Our children speak 3 languages. Their extended family lives in 3 different time zones. Just imagine how holiday dinners look like! With time we have learned how to bridge cultural gaps, and our clients benefit from this hands-on experience.

Hilla started her career as a criminologist (so you better behave!) before deciding to use her people-reading skills in the HR world. Thomas has a commercial and technological education, and also speaks 7 languages (some of which will surprise you!) that of course came in handy in his career as global business development and customer success manager.


WPS is the fulfillment of our combined knowledge and experience, and where we do what we enjoy the most – Hilla is in charge of recruitment and HR services, and Thomas is responsible for developing our business, and recently began offering business development and customer success services to global clients.

From the very beginning and to this day, we are hired by global tech companies, such as Crossix-Veeva and Spacemesh, and many more, to recruit multinational employees and take part in their success. So far, we can proudly say, we have recruited people from dozens of countries around the globe!

We are located in Israel, “the start-up nation”, so of course, local start-ups, like Equalum, Swimm, and Controp, also turn to us to help them find the right employees in and outside of Israel, and to take care of their global customer success and business development goals. 

Over the years we have specialized in global and local executive search, sourcing, technological headhunting and recruiting, as well as end-to-end HR management. Some of our clients are start-ups taking their first steps, looking to build whole new teams. Others just need to find that one right person for a central role (remember how Hilla found Thomas?). 

We see ourselves as partners to our clients' success, bringing with us extensive knowledge, years of experience, and most importantly, love for the human in HR, no matter where in the world.


When you partner with us, we first study your business, your unique combination of technology, people, and culture, that makes your business what it is. Then, we create a tailor-made plan to fit your precise needs, be those candidates with purple hair and orange eyes, or Back End & Full-Stack Engineers, which are much harder to find, of course. And if you require Business Development or Customer Success services, we are here for that, too! 


Our goal is to give you the peace of mind to develop your business while we make sure you have the right people to do it with. Our methodology has a proven track record of more than 14 years of success, and we welcome you to find out more about it and about what makes us different.

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