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Headhunting » The best choice when trying to locate highly-skilled or hard-to-find candidates. We identify and find the most suitable professionals for specific positions in your business, contact them directly and convince them to join the recruiting process.

Sourcing » A helpful service when looking to build a quality talent pipeline for open positions. First, we outline the qualifications and characteristics required, and then, using our LinkedIn Recruiter know-how, locate and connect you with suitable candidates.  

Recruitment  » We take care of managing the candidates for you, or with your team's help, screening resumes, setting up interviews, nurturing and keeping candidates updated through the process, up to signing.

End-to-End Recruitment Process Management » For businesses dealing with scalability, cost, quality, and other recruiting challenges, we provide a holistic hiring solution. We take care of the entire hiring process, overseeing it from start to successful finish. That includes job definition, sourcing, candidate screening, and management, all the way to hiring the right ones.  

Global Executive Search »  A specialized recruitment service to help your business seek out and recruit highly qualified candidates for senior-level and executive jobs across the globe.

Hands-on Technology Recruitment » Sourcing, screening, and assessing technical talents to match the hiring manager's requirements.

Temporary Replacement for HR and Recruitment Staff » Sometimes a business needs a short-term stand-in to fill the big shoes of a valued employee. We quickly learn your business needs and replace the missing wheel to keep everything rolling. And when time's up, we make sure the transition is as smooth as possible.  



End-to-End Employee Life Cycle Management » Once hired, we take care of your employees, starting with a successful onboarding process, ensuring their well-being and satisfaction, planning their career path, and, when needed, dealing with layoffs.  

HR Interviews » Following the initial screening process, we save the hiring manager's time, contact the candidates, and ask the questions most important to you. We make sure all prerequisites are met before setting up competency interviews.  

References Check » We take this difficult task off your hands, conducting insightful conversations with candidates' references. Our experience ensures we ask the right questions and, more importantly, don't ask the wrong ones.

                 Business Development Services

 in the global arena:

Mapping target countries and markets for the development of business activity abroad.

Forming an operating concept, independently or through strategic collaborations and joint ventures.

Identifying and locating new suppliers, customers, and strategic technology and marketing partners in target markets.

Leading and seeing through negotiation processes with partners abroad.

Building implementation plans for desired operating concepts.

Accompanying implementation and dealing with any issues that may arise due to differences in business culture.

We customize our services to fit your company's specific needs.  Leave us a message, and we will get back to you ASAP.  

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Outsourcing & Headhunting

Weekly or monthly business accompaniment with:

HR Management

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