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Why fail in 20 job interviews and not get trained for it?

Many candidates I accompanied say that they had participated in many job interviews (sometimes even 20 job interviews) and they did not succeed.

I always say that if you don't pass the interviews and move forward towards the offer, then there's a problem.

Nevertheless, participating in 20 interviews and not getting an offer is exhausting, frustrating and hurts the self-confidence.

And all that could have been avoided. The real loss is that the candidate misses great opportunities and also burns some of the bridges on the way for the next two years.

How can we avoid situations like these? How can we get ready and pass the job interview successfully?

You need to be convinced that you're the candidate "with purple hair and orange eyes" that they have been looking for all this time.

Employers look for someone to solve a problem they have.

First of all, you have to be convinced that you can successfully fulfill the role.

So, before you even go to a job interview, figure out what is the added value you bring and convince yourself that you're the right person for the job, why you are the right person for the job and why you are better than others in your field.

During an hour-and-a-half meeting, I will prepare you for the desired role.

Good luck! 😊