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5 mistakes you need to avoid while writing your CV:

1. Too simple language -

Clarity is important but so is not sounding too simple. A few descriptive words on your experience and your abilities are more recommended than long sentences.

2. Lies -

Everybody lies on their cv, you might say. It’s not worth the risk of being caught during the interview, or even worse- getting the job and not able to perform the skills you say you can.

3. Too little on your current role -

Even if you don’t talk about your old jobs too much, you will need to expand on what you do today.

Talk about your achievements and skills.

4. Unexplained gaps in your work history -

Almost everyone has a few months of not working during their life, but employers will notice any unexplained gaps. If you did something additional like traveling or volunteering- say so! It will be well received.

5. Logos and images -

Companies are looking to hire a person, not a brand.