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Why you should be exclusive with your headhunter?

You probably believe that you should work with several head-hunters at once. Well, don’t be so sure. Making a great hire is not about the end result. How you got there will impact your cost efficiency and how you are perceived by future candidates. All headhunters you work with receive the same job description and find themselves hunt the same candidates. These candidates end up receiving several approaches for the same position and are not impressed with the company. Headhunters work on a success based fee, so they have calculated how much time they are willing to spend on your search, along with other positions they are currently working on. The end result is loss of quality, professionalism and respect for the company. Here’s what I would suggest you to do: Choose your exclusive headhunter and make sure it's someone you like. Work with someone who is professional and communicates well. Pay them a down payment. They will do a better job. I know, I’ve been there. You should also use social media and job boards as part of your strategy. A lasting partnership with the headhunter will represent your brand the way you want to be represented. Once you find that headhunter, hold on to them. They can be a huge asset to your business.